Our School

Our Philosophy

We believe that the preschool child learns best through play and interaction with peers and materials, in a secure warm and stimulating environment.

The purpose of our school is to offer first-hand experiences that enrich a child's background and further encourage a desire to learn. Above all, we want our children to feel that school is a comfortable, safe and secure place in their widening world, and a fun place to be.

We agree with Dr. David Elkind, a leading child psychologist, that a good early childhood program should help children acquire social skills and, in effect, learn how to learn. In his words:

"A developmentally appropriate program for young children is more an outward extension of the home than a downward extension of the school."

A Cooperative "Team" Effort

A cooperative pre-school is one in which the parents of the attending children are actively involved in running our school including assisting in the classroom and sharing in the administrative duties of our program.

Classroom or Non-Classroom Status
The majority of families choose to be "classroom" parents, which means a commitment of approximately one morning each month assisting the
teachers in the classroom. 

If you prefer "non-classroom" status you pay a higher tuition fee and the school pays another parent
to work in the classroom on your assigned day.

Cooperative Job
Whether classroom or non-classroom status, each family is assigned a cooperative job chosen from your preferences to make our cooperative school run efficiently. Job responsibilities range from minor to major and many can be done easily from home and with young siblings.


It is the policy of Hamilton Union to admit children without regard to race, color or national origin. To enroll a child, call the school to make a tour appointment.  A completed registration form and a $50 registration fee, along with one month’s tuition are required to reserve a spot for your child. All students must have a physical examination and current immunizations before beginning school.


3 year-olds
9:15am - 11:30am Tuesday & Thursday
Class Room Tuition: $100

Non-Classroom Tuition: $160

4 year-olds
9:15am - 11:45am Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Class Room Tuition: $130
Non-Classroom Tuition: $190

















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